Making Over Mike by Lisa Plumley

Making Over Mike

Prosperous Beauty Seeks Ordinary Joe…

Amanda Connor is a life coach—not a magician! Granted, as a televised publicity stunt for her new business, the savvy entrepreneur has promised to transform some poor slob into a perfectly balanced example of modern manhood. But Mike Cavaco gives “raw material” new meaning. With her future at stake, what can Amanda do but roll up her sleeves, get down to work…and pray for a miracle?

In a city crawling with hot restaurants and hotter women, culinary whiz and contented bachelor Mike has been in his glory—until now. Simultaneously jobless and dateless, he’s forced to trade his sweat pants, poker games, and pay-per-view sports to spend 24/7 with a hyper-enthusiastic mentor who happens to be easy on the eyes—but impossible in every other way. Unwilling Mike never suspects that he’s about to become the man of Amanda’s dreams—or that she might just turn out to be the woman of his….

“Oh, the things men do for love! …the funniest thing in this very funny novel is that, the more Amanda remodels Mike into the perfect, yoga-posturing, freshly shaven, sensitive man-for-the-new-millennium, the more she misses the impossibly scruffy, irresistibly charming original.” —from B. Dalton’s Heart to Heart newsletter

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