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historical romances by Lisa Plumley

Morrow Creek Marshal

Dylan Coyle was all man. Tall. Handsome. Not to be trusted… Dancing girl Marielle Miller makes sure no cowboy steps his spurred boots out of line. But then one night, she tumbles from the stage into the arms of Dylan Coyle…… Marielle doesn’t need a man in her life-especially a wandering gunslinger unwilling to put […]
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Morrow Creek Runaway

When the past comes to call  A year ago, Rosamond Dancy never dreamed she’d find herself in Morrow Creek. After being removed from her job as a Boston housemaid, sold into marriage, and widowed in quick succession, she’s now determined to take back the reins of her life. But then the past she’s determined to […]
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Notorious In The West

Beauty and the “Boston Beast” Infamous Boston businessman Griffin Turner may have a reputation for being thoroughly ruthless, but underneath it all he hides a painful past. He manages to keep the world at bay until he comes up against the smart, sassy Olivia Mouton. Morrow Creek’s resident beauty Olivia is determined to stand up […]
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The Honor-Bound Gambler

Tempting the Preacher’s Daughter Plain preacher’s daughter Violet Benson is always the wallflower—until charismatic gambler Cade Foster takes her under his wing. Suddenly, the men of Morrow Creek start looking at her with new eyes—and the women with envy—but Violet is interested in only one man: Cade. Agreeing to be his “lucky charm,” Violet becomes […]
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“Something Borrowed, Something True” (novella”)

Something Borrowed, Something True by Lisa Plumley When Everett Bannon’s ranch hands order him a mail-order bride, he plans to send her on the first train back home. Until he sees his beautiful bride-to-be and his wits go walkin’! But Nellie Trent isn’t in Morrow Creek for veils and vows-she’s an undercover journalist with an […]
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The Bride Raffle

Will he claim his prize? Famous home-keeping expert Daisy Walsh is overwhelmed by the warm welcome she receives in Morrow Creek, and then she realizes she’s the star prize in the town raffle! She can bet the lucky winner’s not expecting a pregnant woman who needs a place to stay. Single father Owen Cooper suspects […]
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Miss Wilson’s Secret Seduction

  Everyone in the small town of Morrow Creek knows that Adeline has been sweet on Clayton Davis for years—and that he still hasn’t proposed! While Adeline reluctantly waits for her man, Clayton is falsely accused of being a thief and the sheriff is hot on his trail. Now Adeline has to do everything in […]
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Mail-Order Groom

Special Delivery—Doorstep Groom! Fleeing scandal, stage sensation Savannah Reed swaps sparkles and satin for calico and wool to be Morrow Creek’ telegraph operator. Through the wires, she finds her new leading man, but when he arrives—shot and left for dead on her doorstep—Savannah suspects she’s jumped out of the limelight and into the fire…. Detective […]
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“Morrow Creek Marriage” (novella)

The only thing Rose Tillson ever wanted was a life of travel beneath the Western stars—and to marry secret sweetheart Will Gavigan! All Rose needs is a small dose of Hallowe’en magic to make Will realize she’s the girl of his dreams….

The Rascal

Reforming the Rascal Grace Crabtree has no need of a man. Except Morrow Creek’s reprobate saloon keeper, Jack Murphy, keeps getting in her way. She’s bewildered as to why she can’t stop thinking about his infuriatingly handsome face. So Grace will use her feminine charms to reform him—once she works out exactly what feminine charms […]
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