Outlaw by Lisa Plumley


He stepped out of the pages of a novel…

Mason Kincaid didn’t have time to rescue the fancy-fluff female stranded in the middle of Arizona territory. He was hell-bent on a mission to reclaim his young son and his good name from the men who stole both. But even an outlaw couldn’t leave a lady alone in the desert—especially after she’d been accidentally dumped from the stagecoach he just held up. This ungrateful city woman instantly made his chivalry regrettable. For she was temptation and desire wrapped up in one troublesome package. Like it or not though, Miss Amelia O’Malley was along for the ride.

And swept her into adventure and love

A traveling book saleswoman, Amelia only wanted to prove herself to her father and earn a place in the family business. That determination was how she landed in a stagecoach to Tucson—and in the saddle with a notorious outlaw. This wasn’t the romantic bandit of a wild west adventure; this was a real flesh and blood man whose rugged face, powerful build, and gun at his hip spelled danger of all kinds. Certainly, there could be no future between an outlaw and a respectable lady. But surprises awaited this mismatched duo whose adventure together could be the beginning of a future destined to last…

“Four stars! A fun, fast-paced, passionate adventure of a lady and a mad ride through the wild west. A real treat for western romance fans!” —Romantic Times

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