Surrender by Lisa Plumley


The Best-Laid Plans…

Holly Aldridge had the perfect plan to win back the affections of her ex-boyfriend Brad—she’d make him jealous. Her friend Sam was just the man to do it. Especially since the handsome contractor agreed to share Holly’s bungalow for the summer. Certainly Brad would come running back when he realized she was playing house with six feet of rugged competition like Sam….

Sam didn’t like playing games—or playing decoy. After all, if Brad was dumb enough to walk out on this beautiful redhead, he deserved to lose her. All he had to do now was convince Holly that he was made for his role as the lover. And with a little more rehearsing they could turn this charade into the performance of a lifetime—a lifetime of love and happiness….

“Lisa Plumley debuts with a charming, tickle-your-funny-bone story and adorable characters that step right off the page into your heart. In Surrender, this fresh new author proves she is no beginner when it comes to writing romance. Lisa Plumley is going to be around for a long time!” —Charlotte Hughes, author of Tall, Dark & Bad

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